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Two #GreenNFit Neighborhood Rebuild Volunteer Days

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Revitalize Community Development (RCDC) is hosting two #GreenNFit Neighborhood

Rebuild Days. The first will be on Friday, May 13th from 8am – Noon at 73 Ontario Street in Springfield. The

homeowner on Ontario Street is elderly and has lived in her home for over two decades. RCDC has already replaced

her leaking roof. The Revitalize CDC Board of Directors and staff will paint, seal windows, remove yard debris,

replace a fence and plant shrubs and flowers.

The second project will be the next day on Saturday, May 14th from 8am – Noon at 133 Massassoit Street in

Springfield. Volunteers from Go Graphix, Trinity United Methodist Church, Christ Church Cathedral & First

Church of Christ Congregational Suffield will work on the home of a U.S. Army Korean War veteran whose wife

recently passed away. They have been living in their home for over 50 years raising their family there. RCDC has

also replaced their very large and leaking roof. The Go Graphix and the three church groups will paint steps and

a storage shed, do a large yard cleanup, paint a fence and plant shrubs and flowers.

About Revitalize CDC: Since Revitalize CDC’s inception in 1992, the organization has repaired and rehabilitated

over 1,100 homes with the help of 10,000 volunteers, investing $41 million into Western Massachusetts. In the past

year, Revitalize CDC has served over 2,300 families with safe and healthy home and COVID prevention supplies

as well as information on community resources and home repairs and modifications for low-income families with

children, elderly citizens, military veterans and people with special needs