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Spotlight on Excellence: Candace Pereira, March Chamber Ambassador

In the dynamic world of community engagement, certain individuals stand out as catalysts for connection and growth. This March, we proudly highlight Candace Pereira, Vice President and Commercial Lender at Florence Bank, who embodies the spirit of our chamber and elevates the essence of community involvement. 


Candace Pereira serves as the Vice President, Commercial Lender at Florence Bank, a longstanding pillar in the community’s financial landscape. Established in 1873, Florence Bank is deeply committed to providing comprehensive personal and business banking services. Candace’s role involves facilitating commercial loans for businesses, covering essential needs such as equipment purchases, working capital, and real estate ventures. 


Candace’s journey with the chamber spans over a decade and is rooted in a profound belief in the power of community collaboration. With a decade-long attendance record at chamber events, Candace recognized the chamber’s impact in fostering a strong community. Becoming a chamber ambassador was a natural progression after her promotion to Commercial Lender. Candace saw this as an opportunity to connect with a broader spectrum of members and contribute to the chamber’s mission of driving economic vitality through leadership, advocacy, and partnerships. 



 For Candace, the Super 60 event holds a special place in her heart. Our annual celebration shines a spotlight on the businesses in the region actively working to enhance the community’s economic well-being. Candace reiterated, “It showcases the testament to local businesses’ hard work and dedication.”  


 When asked why others should consider getting involved with SRC, Candace said, “The opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals sharing a common mission of developing businesses in the local region is unparalleled. The chamber consistently provides a dynamic platform for networking, collaboration, and shared growth.” 


 Candace Pereira’s journey as the March Chamber Ambassador reflects her professional prowess and her genuine passion for community development. As we celebrate Candace’s contributions, we’re reminded of individuals’ pivotal role in shaping a thriving and interconnected community. We look forward to the continued impact she will undoubtedly bring to our chamber and community at large.