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Message From the President

Dear Members,  

Happy New Year! We’re thrilled to continue our mission of helping the Greater Springfield region flourish in 2023. With a new year comes a renewed sense of purpose, drive, and new opportunities for growth and success. I’m looking forward to my first full calendar year as President, and my team and I are here to support and celebrate you every step of the way.  

An easy way to start the year off on the right foot is to invest in your team’s professional growth and development through our Leadership Institute program. In partnership with Western New England University, the Leadership Institute encourages mid and upper-level managers to learn crucial problem-solving skills that will enable them to be influential leaders in the community and their workplaces. One of the key factors to sustaining a successful business is growing the strength of your leadership team – our dynamic Leadership Institute is a staple throughout the region that provides the tools needed for your team to succeed.  

Looking ahead, we are excited to host our Outlook event in March, with an exact date to be announced soon. Outlook is our premier legislative and economic forecasting event of the year, informing attendees of the critical economic factors expected from the perspectives of local government, state, and federal offices. Featuring a diverse lineup of speakers and presenters, Outlook is sure to be an informative, engaging event that you won’t want to miss.   

As we dive into a new year, I encourage you to think about your business goals for the future and how you can take actionable steps to reach them. Together, we will continue to promote, support, and enhance the economic health of our region. We are grateful for your membership and partnership in 2023! 


Diana Szynal