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Mayor Sarno Questions why Joint Committee on Judiciary Continues to Protect Repeat Violent Offenders and not the Victims and their Families

Springfield, MA – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “Having testified twice in support of Governor Charlie Baker’s and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito’s Dangerousness Bill and hearing the heart-wrenching testimonies of victims of domestic violence, sexual assaults, child abuse, human trafficking and other violent crimes, I am astonished and saddened that the state legislature Joint Committee on the Judiciary sent this life-saving bill to study/committee, in essence to let it die.  This irresponsible inaction by the Joint Committee, once again shows their true colors, that they feel comfortable in continuing to protect violent repeat criminal offenders, rather than the victim(s) and their families.  Governor Baker and I (my Bail Reform legislation) have continuously pushed bills to keep and protect all our residents, no matter what creed, color or background, to no avail.  Once again, the Joint Committees inaction will continue ‘the revolving doors’ of our court system to allow violent predators to prey on our innocent law-abiding citizens.  ‘Plain and simple, there is just no accountability or consequences – our world is up-side-down!’”