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Embracing Community: A Conversation with Brittany Beaumier, Personal Lines Risk Manager at Hub International 

In the dynamic realm of community engagement, there are those whose commitment radiates, fostering connections and nurturing progress. This April, we turn our attention to Brittany Beaumier, a key figure in the Personal Lines Risk Manager position at Hub International, a leading insurance agency in New England.  

Brittany’s journey with the Springfield Regional Chamber (SRC) stems from her desire to contribute to the community she calls home. Through the chamber, Brittany sees the chance to help businesses thrive and individuals succeed by facilitating meaningful connections and providing valuable resources. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of Brittany’s involvement with the SRC is the chance to connect with people at chamber events. Recognizing the power of networking, she believes that SRC provides a nurturing environment for individuals to forge valuable connections that can advance their professional pursuits. Among the diverse events she’s engaged in, Brittany particularly relishes Fire & Ice. “It’s a fantastic social event that encourages people to converse, network, and have a good time. The cocktails and food were exceptional and attracted a wide range of members and nonmembers,” Brittany shared.  

As an advocate for the SRC, Brittany underscores the chamber’s pivotal role in bolstering both established businesses and budding entrepreneurs. Whether one is launching a startup, aiming to expand their current venture, or seeking career advancement, Brittany asserts that the SRC provides a wealth of resources and networking avenues that can propel them towards their goals. 

Beyond her professional and community engagements, Brittany enjoys spending quality time with her family, particularly engaging in outdoor activities with her kids. She’s also an avid soccer player, finding joy and relaxation in the sport she loves. Her beloved pet, Hunter, a cane Corso/Italian mastiff, adds to her household.  

Brittany Beaumier’s story exemplifies the power of community engagement and the enriching experiences that come from embracing opportunities to connect, contribute, and grow. Through her involvement with Hub International and the Springfield Regional Chamber, Brittany continues to make a positive impact, both professionally and personally, in her community.