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Business Development & Resources

One of our key initiatives is to champion business growth. As drivers of the region’s economic vitality, our mission is to help small businesses start, grow and expand.

Our focus is on creating and sustaining the best possible environment for businesses to thrive, grow, add jobs and drive the region’s economy. One of the ways we help is by connecting you to the programs and resources you need.

Start Your Business

Our Business and Investment Assistant can help you take your concept and make it a reality. The interactive set of digital tools will walk you through the steps you need to take to bring your idea to fruition - from understanding how to create a business to learning where your competition is located to finding the right space for your business and more.

Grow Your Business

Our digital Business Research Center provides local intel and information to help your business make smarter, faster and better decisions to grow your business..

Why Springfield

Designed for economic development professionals across the country, our Industry Advantages portal will provide you with key metrics about our Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to better understand the unique advantages our region offers for your clients.