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Ben Quick on Stretching Connections with the Chamber

Ben Quick is an active, enthusiastic member and supporter of the Springfield Regional Chamber (SRC).  

Quick serves as executive director of the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club and has been a Chamber member for six years. As an integral member of our Ambassador Program, Ben has seen firsthand how we serve as a resource to expand business networks and build tangible connections. 

“As a leader of a non-profit organization, I believed the Chamber would be an efficient and fun way for me to make relationships in our business community. Taking it one step further as an Ambassador, the return on my volunteer contributions to the SRC has been tremendous,” said Quick.  

Quick consistently sees and meets new faces, companies, and opportunities through his work as an Ambassador. He gains unexpected benefits from every event and was delighted to recently reconnect with an old business contact he had not seen in over ten years! 

He wholeheartedly categorizes his favorite Chamber event as “the next one!” because each brings further business growth and collaboration. 

When not attending Chamber events or planning the Springfield Dragon Boat Festival, Quick enjoys exercising with his puppy, Rockie. He also loves taking long walks in Forest Park, rowing on the Connecticut River with his crew team, playing squash and tennis, and Stand-Up paddleboarding with his wife. 

On rest days, Quick can be found watching his favorite movies, Office Space or Top Gun Maverick. He loves to vacation in Puerto Rico and looks forward to the day he can experience the best meal he’s ever had (Chicken Kyiv, while in Kyiv!) again. 

He encourages others looking to stretch their connections and business opportunities to join his efforts at the Chamber. ”SRC is not an “insiders club” where everyone knows everyone else… Come join us and see how stretching a bit can benefit your business interests!” said Quick. 
As an Ambassador, Quick receives exclusive positioning as part of the Welcome Committee at events, access to regional leaders, and learning opportunities to build his resume, promote his business, and advance our reach as a Chamber.  

“I love learning our business community’s perspective on the non-profit world, answering questions, and dispelling myths,” said Quick. As he continues his work as a Chamber Ambassador, he will enjoy more unique events and connections while giving back to the community. 

Are you looking to grow to the next level like Ben? Learn more about our Ambassador Program here: