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Veritas Prep to launch innovative new high school for fall 2022 school year

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. Veritas Prep High School (VPHS) is set to welcome its inaugural 9th grade class in the fall of 2022. Located at 225 Carando Drive in Springfield, the school offers the opportunity for scholars to meet essential high school graduation requirements while earning college credits toward useful degrees.

“We founded Veritas Prep Charter School in Springfield as a middle school in 2012 with a mission of preparing students to compete, achieve and succeed in high school, college and beyond,” said Rachel Romano, founder and executive director. “As Veritas grew, so did the number of family members, scholars and parents asking one question: when are we going to start a high school?”

She continued, “We assembled a diverse high school design team, bringing together more than 200 Springfield community members, current and former Veritas scholars and families, and Veritas teachers, leaders and staff. With the right voices at the table, we have been able to reimagine what high school can look like and create a compelling, career-focused, early college model. Now, we’re proud to say Veritas Prep High School will launch in the fall of 2022.”

Scholars will have multiple areas of study to choose from that cover a wide range of high-impact careers including health sciences, engineering, education and more. Veritas scholars have played a key role in the planning and development of the new high school, providing input on everything from the school’s design to its curriculum.

“Our wall-to-wall early college program will address key barriers to higher education such as access, under-preparation and cost,” said Romano.

Currently, only 26.4 percent of Springfield residents obtain a higher education degree, compared to almost 50 percent statewide.

The high school design team also created the Veritas “Portrait of a Graduate,” something Romano is especially proud of.

“This embodies our vision that all Veritas scholars will become changemakers who are equipped to choose their path, challenge inequity and transform the world,” said Romano. “Our students will emerge as woke citizens, innovators, leaders of tomorrow and learners for life.”

All current Veritas Prep Charter School 8th grade students were guaranteed a place in the new high school, and a lottery was held to fill remaining spots. VPHS will expand by one grade per year up through grade 12.

About Veritas Prep Charter School

Veritas Prep Charter School (VPCS) was founded in Springfield in 2012 with the mission to prepare students in grades 5–8 to compete, achieve and succeed in high school, college and beyond. VPCS now serves more than 370 Springfield students and is one of Massachusetts’ top-performing middle schools. In 2020, VPCS was approved to open a high school, which will welcome its inaugural 9th-grade class in 2022. To learn more visit