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Valet Park of America Goes the Extra Mile

April 1, 2020
Tim Valet Park

Originally posted on Valet Park of America Facebook page

SPRINGFIELD- “I pulled out after nearly breaking down crying, with the biggest smile on my face…” Big thumbs up to this guy, our VP of Operations, Tim Graney. Last week, on top of dealing with the constant changes and challenges associated with COVID-19, Mother Nature decided we needed some snow to deal with as well. We were forwarded a post complimenting “Tim with Baystate Health’s Valet.” After about 10 seconds of research we figured out it was none other than Mr. Graney.

The post, by a BMC employee, on a group page titled “Hearts for Healthcare Workers,” outlines her 14 hour shift dealing with the stress of moving her unit to accommodate for new areas dedicated to quarantine units. She was leaving work after a rough day, and her car was parked on top of the garage. It had been snowing and sleeting for hours, and clearing her car was the last thing she felt like doing after a long day. She writes: “I was on the verge of tears, but as I rounded the last set of steps I couldn’t believe my eyes. One of the Valet workers had cleared my car off. I told him he honestly didn't understand how much I appreciated what he was doing. He went on to tell me how when his shift ended, he figured clearing off cars was the least he could do after how hard we're all working, especially as of lately. As I pulled out, I realized it wasn't just my car, but every single vehicle that was left, at least 20 others. Shout out to Tim with Baystate Health Valet. In these dark times, it's those acts that really lighten my heart. Thanks to Tim my long stressful day ended on the best note. I pulled out after nearly breaking down crying, with the biggest smile on my face.”

The post has been shared almost 200 times and has over 5,000 likes. We’ve always been a company built on promoting from within, and Tim’s dedication to improve customer satisfaction at the field level hasn’t changed with his role. Cheers to Tim, and to all of our staff who do things like this each day. You are making a major impact on those around you. We may not always get this sort of recognition, but people notice. Having this employee leave with a smile on her face is what its all about!

Thanks Tim, well done!