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Second Chance Animal Services Empowers Pet Owners

EAST BROOKFIELD, MA – In the face of a troubling increase in pet surrenders across the nation, animal shelters are grappling with a surge of distressing pleas from individuals seeking to part with their cherished animal companions. At a critical moment where empathy meets social responsibility, it’s crucial to remember that pets are far more than disposable items. Adopting a pet involves a deep commitment and a lifetime of care. Second Chance Animal Services is committed to turning the tide by instilling a sense of responsibility during the adoption process and providing ongoing support for new pet owners.

Making the decision to adopt a pet requires thoughtful consideration, as highlighted by Wendy Hall, Director of Second Chance’s Animal Relocation programs. “Pet ownership is like raising a child—it takes time, care, and resources and Second Chance is here to help,” emphasizes Hall. “Pets have emotions and needs and rely on their owners for food, medical attention, love, and companionship. By investing effort from the start, many common problems can be avoided, leading to a happy and lasting pet-owner relationship.”

Hall recognizes the emotional strain behind some surrenders, especially when owners face medical or financial challenges. “When someone calls about surrendering their pet, we make sure they know about the resources we offer to prevent unnecessary surrenders. Yet, some situations, like illness or job loss, can lead to heartbreaking decisions.” In such cases, Second Chance understands the heartache owners go through and offers assistance during these tough times.

To prevent unnecessary surrenders, Second Chance provides a range of resources and assistance for pet owners facing difficulties. The organization believes that open communication and guidance can often resolve issues without giving up a pet. Knowledgeable shelter staff are available by phone or email to listen to owners’ concerns and offer advice on various pet-related matters. Whether it’s dealing with behavior problems, training challenges, or introducing a new pet to the family, they offer personalized solutions. In addition, Second Chance operates four full-service veterinary hospitals to ensure pets receive necessary care. Located in North Brookfield, Southbridge, Springfield and Worcester, the hospitals are open to everyone and offer reduced rates for those who qualify, along with weekly low-cost vaccine clinics. The nonprofit also has a pet food pantry program that supplies pet food to local human food pantries, helping pet owners facing financial difficulties.

New Second Chance adopters also get access to a week of free one-on-one online training through an app designed to help dog owners address behavioral issues and foster positive interactions with their pets in their homes. Owners can continue to use the app for a minimal charge as needed. Well-trained pets are more likely to stay in their homes with their families.

Second Chance remains committed to educating pet owners, providing resources, and promoting responsible pet ownership to create a community where pets are valued as cherished family members. With the right support and effort, many challenges can be overcome, allowing pets to stay where they belong—with the families who love them unconditionally. For more information on Second Chance’s programs and resources, visit Together, we can build a future where the bonds between pets and their caring owners remain unbreakable, regardless of the obstacles.

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PHOTO: Mack, a two-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, is just one of the pets waiting to find a home at Second Chance’s Adoption Center in East Brookfield.

About Second Chance Animal Services: About Second Chance Animal Services
Second Chance Animal Services is a nonprofit animal welfare organization founded in 1999.  Second Chance began as an animal shelter and grew to help more pets in need.  Today Second Chance operates Community Veterinary Hospitals in North Brookfield, Southbridge, Springfield, and Worcester providing access to the highest-quality veterinary care for all.  Subsidized rates are provided to underserved communities to ensure access to care for all pets in need. Last year Second Chance helped over 44,000 pets live better lives through full-service veterinary care, spay/neuter services, adoption services, community & educational outreach programs, training, and a pet food pantry. For more information, visit Second Chance’s website at

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