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Quarantine Survival Kits’ To Be Distributed to Springfield JCC Families

SPRINGFIELD, MA (January 25, 2022) – For the past two years, families have endured school
closures, quarantines, shifting masking requirements, and so much more, so the Springfield
Jewish Community Center decided to build and distribute “Quarantine Survival Kits” to the
families of every child they serve in their youth programs. These kits aim to provide respite and
joy for families who have overcome (or are currently overcoming) school closures, and
balancing working from home with additional childcare responsibilities.

“With the Omicron surge further complicating childcare, we understand families with young
children are juggling so much at once,” said Springfield JCC CEO (and parent) Sam Dubrinsky.
“We hope our Quarantine Survival Kits can provide families with a few moments of relief, levity,
and joy.”

The J’s Quarantine Survival Kits are packed with more than a dozen items for parents and kids.
For weary parents, tea, wine, beer, and chocolates are included, and for children, there are
coloring books, crayons, bubbles, glow sticks, and more.

Many community partners have donated goods to help fill the boxes, including items from Home
Depot, Jozev Products, Four Seasons Wine & Liquor, UNO’s, Northern Tool, Sam Adams, and
more. The J’s Board of Directors were also instrumental in the creation and fulfillment of the
boxes, set to be delivered to families on Friday, January 28.

If you are interested in running a story of our Quarantine Survival Kits, we will be building them
on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon (January 26 & 27), and will be giving away the kits on
Friday, January 28 around 4:30PM.