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News Reporter/Anchor and Irish Dancer Mary Cate Mannion Joins GCAi Clan

Garvey Communication Associates Inc. (GCAi) has announced that veteran ABC News affiliate Reporter and Anchor Mary Cate Mannion has done a slip jig over to Digital Public Relations. Mary Cate was appointed a Digital PR Analyst and will be responsible for planning, producing and editing video content, photo supervision and writing posts for digital dissemination on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the Google Ads Display Network, but not Tik Tok, as well as working directly with media publications. She is working in the GCAi Springfield, MA edit suite with award-winning video producer Darcy Young and planning digital campaigns with award-winning digital marketer James Garvey, who is based in GCAi’s Marina del Rey, CA office.


Mary Cate is an award-winner in her own right receiving a Broadcasters Award and two Emmy nominations during her tenure as an anchor and energy news reporter with NBC News Affiliate KFYR-TV. Her reporting was also used in an investigative segment by John Oliver on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight”. She has also served as a correspondent for “Headline News”.


“Mary Cate is a proven storyteller who not only possesses excellent interviewing skills,” added John J. Garvey, President of GCAi, “She literally can edit on the fly, which is sometimes on the hood of a car. That is speed that Darcy and I can appreciate and find very valuable.”

A resident of Suffield, CT, Mary Cate earned a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College. She and Darcy crossed paths during her time at Western Mass News when she emceed the Springfield Colleen Contest for which Darcy is a long-time volunteer. Mary Cate tested her singing skills during an “American Idol” audition in Boston and was successful for six rounds. Her progress ended when Simon Cowell told her, “You only get one song Mary”, and he apparently didn’t like the one she sang.


About that Irish dancing – Mary Cate achieved considerable success as a competitive Irish dancer, something that she is still enthusiastic about today as a member of Springfield’s Claddagh School.



About GCAi:

GCAi is an innovative digital marketing agency and Google Partner. Founded in 1991, the GCAi team uses Digital Public Relations, targeted Online Advertising, and Social Media Marketing to generate measurable results for their clients. The agency, located on the 24th floor of Tower Square in Downtown Springfield, MA, is recognized as the top Digital PR and Marketing firm in the region from an elevation perspective.