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Merriam Webster launches Children’s Literacy program

Get Involved and Make a Difference in Your Community!

Support Children’s Literacy 

Are you an individual or organization committed to children’s literacy and education? Are you interested in supporting schools in your community?

Get involved and support schools in your community by gifting them dictionaries! 

Dictionaries help children build vocabulary, comprehend spelling, and navigate the English language. 

They are essential tools to help children read, write, and communicate more effectively. 

Even more, a print dictionary fuels curiosity! With a dictionary in hand, children enjoy the pleasure of wandering through a book, discover words they don’t know, and learn more about words they are familiar with. 

Help students develop strong language and literacy skills by ensuring that they have access to dictionaries in their classroom 

 Support a Local Classroom 

GIFT a set of dictionaries to a school, teacher, or classroom of your choice! 

PURCHASE 24 or more books from our classroom collection and receive 40% off your order 


Your support will encourage enthusiasm for reading in young people and ensure they have access to resources that will help them succeed in school and throughout their lives