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Mayor Sarno Applauds Caring Health Center’s COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Efforts

Springfield, MA – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno applauds Caring Health Center’s continued efforts collaborating with the City of Springfield to provide testing and vaccination clinics for our residents.  At their most recent COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinic over the weekend (Saturday, March 26, 2022) at the Food Zone Supermarket on Belmont Ave with WTCC 90.7 FM, in which Mayor Sarno was in attendance, nearly 100 people were tested with zero (0) positive results.  Additionally, 32 vaccinations were given: 23 booster shots, 6 first doses, and 3 second doses.


Mayor Sarno states, “Health and Human Services (HHS) Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris and I want to applaud and thank Caring Health Center President and CEO Tania Barber and her dedicated team and staff for their continued efforts working with the City of Springfield to mitigate the spread and defeat this COVID-19 pandemic.  This past weekend’s testing and vaccination clinic at the Food Zone Supermarket on Belmont Ave supports my administration’s efforts to help bring the COVID-19 vaccine into our neighborhoods so that our residents have easy access to this lifesaving vaccine.  Nearly 100 people were tested with zero positive results – simply tremendous.  This is great news that shows that our residents are taking the precautions necessary by getting their vaccine and booster shots, washing their hands, wearing a mask if and when needed.  In addition, it shows that the public health outreach, announcements and advisories HHS Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris and I have been championing with our press conferences, weekly COVID-19 situational updates posted on our city’s website, our nationally recognized Springfield Vax Force and our partnership with all of our community partners, including Caring Health Center, is working and successful.”


In addition, during Caring Health Center’s Family and Pediatric COVID-19 vaccination events from December 2021 to March 2022, there were 1,100 COVID-19 vaccinations given – adult patients and pediatric patients combined.  Overall, Caring Health Center has administrated approximately 19,000 COVID-19 vaccinations.


Caring Health Center President and CEO Tania Barber stated, “Caring Health Center continues to provide great care and family friendly events to distribute COVID-19 vaccinations and testing. We are proud to be able to bring these important services into our community and are looking forward to continuing these in the upcoming months.”


Residents interested in getting their COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot can do so at the City of Springfield’s Department of Health and Human Services, 311 State Street, Springfield, MA every Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and at the Caring Health Center by calling (413) 739-1100 for CHC patients or (413) 693-1015 for non-patients.  For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots please visit the City of Springfield’s COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment webpage at