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Mayor Sarno Announces Full Payment Settlement Achieved from Eversource

Springfield, MA – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno is pleased to announce that due to the City’s continued aggressive efforts, full payment of Eversource’s outstanding property taxes has been received.

Mayor Sarno states, “We are in receipt of Eversource’s payment of $41,189, 502.37 for personal property taxes. I am grateful for the persistent efforts of our financial team led by CAFO TJ Plante, our Assessor’s team led by Chairman Attorney Patrick Greenhalgh, and our law department with retired City Solicitor Ed Pikula and City Solicitor Judge John Payne, as well as our specialized council Muddy River Advisors, especially Attorney David Klebanoff. I am also appreciative of the efforts of City Councilors Tim Allen and Attorney Michael Fenton who worked closely with us to help resolve this matter.”

Mayor Sarno continues, “This one-time infusion of money will be used in four categories: (1) to bring continued property tax relief to residents and business community, (2) to strengthen the city’s reserves, (3) for one-time capital projects, and (4) for pension liability. I also want to acknowledge Eversource for working cooperatively with my administration. I have requested of them that this cost not be passed along to our ratepayers.”

Chief Administrative and Financial Officer (CAFO) TJ Plante stated, “I want to thank my team for their stick-to-itiveness over years as we continued to keep the pressure on. It took quite a bit of time, patience, and perseverance to reach this positive outcome.”

Chairman of the Board of Assessors Attorney Patrick Greenhalgh states, “We are thrilled that Eversource has finally paid the back taxes owed to the City Springfield.  The Springfield Board of Assessors, along with other municipalities, utilized a new assessment methodology starting in FY2012, which as of FY2022 has become the standard valuation approach in the Commonwealth.  This methodology resulted in a higher overall assessed value.  Eversource’s challenge of this methodology have thus far failed at every level of review, including the Appellate Tax Board, the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court (denied further appellate review). Thank you to my Assessors team for all their work over the years on this issue.”

City Councilor Attorney Michael Fenton states, “The city was patient and it has paid off. I am glad that we stayed the course and that the courts ruled in our favor. It’s a major vindication for cities and towns all across the Commonwealth.”

City Councilor Tim Allen states, “I am happy to see this check arrive.  In a democracy, it is important that we all do the right thing.  Eversource has today done what we are all asked to do – pay our bills on time.  Thanks to the Mayor and TJ Plante and the financial team, particularly the assessors, for their patience and diligence in sticking with this, and to my colleague Mike Fenton for working with me on this.

City Council President Marcus Williams states, “I want to especially commend my colleagues Councilors Tim Allen and Mike Fenton for keeping the Council abreast of the issue and working across the aisle to make sure Eversource paid their past due bill. This is huge not only as it provides another revenue stream for the city but it also shows how working together toward a common goal, can lead to transformative change.”