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Mayor Sarno and HHS Commissioner Caulton-Harris Announce Lifting of Mask Mandate Effective November 1, 2021

Springfield, MA –Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Health and Human Services (HHS) Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris held a COVID-19 situational update press conference today announcing that after reviewing the COVID-19 cases over the past five-weeks, the citywide mask mandate will be lifted when it expires on Monday, November 1, 2021.  The City of Springfield will continue to recommend that residents wear their mask in public indoor settings and where social distancing is not possible, out of an abundance of caution.


Over the past five-week period, the City of Springfield saw a significant decrease in positive COVID-19 cases.  For the week of September 12, 2021 the city reported 886 cases, while for the week of October 17, 2021 the city reported 254.  Below is the weekly breakdown of cases over the past five weeks.


Week of September 12, 2021 886
Week of September 19, 2021 510
Week of September 26, 2021 399
Week of October 3, 2021 351
Week of October 10, 2021 258
Week of October 17, 2021 254


Additionally, the City of Springfield has seen a steady improvement in citywide vaccination rates.  According to the State Department of Public Health’s (DPH) weekly COVID-19 municipality vaccination data, as of October 21, 2021, the City of Springfield has 58% of residents with at least one dose and 51% are fully vaccinated.  For a complete listing of the Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccination Data and Updates, please visit the state website at:  Massachusetts COVID-19 vaccination data and updates |


Mayor Sarno states, “After reviewing the recent COVID-19 trends with Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris, we are happy to report that we have seen five consecutive weeks of a significant decrease in COVID-19 cases.  We are also happy to see that so far this week there were only 15 reported cases for Tuesday, October 26th and 11 reported cases for Monday, October 25th.  Based on this news and the positive trends we are seeing, Commissioner Caulton-Harris and I are confident that we can let this citywide mask mandate expire on Monday, November 1, 2021.  We will continue to recommend that masks are worn in all public settings where individuals feel safe and where they want to.  It is important to not ostracize anyone who wishes to continue to wear a mask when this mask mandate expires.”


“Our objective has been reached, however, if we see a significant increase of COVID-19 cases, we do reserve the right to implement the mask mandate again,” Mayor Sarno continued.  “Additionally, Health and Human Services Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris and I want to remind and encourage our residents that we must remain vigilant and we now have to ‘double down and redouble our efforts to please get those unvaccinated vaccinated ASAP!’  Those already vaccinated to get the appropriate booster shot ASAP.  We must continue to quickly increase our vaccination rates to turn back this COVID-19 pandemic fully.  Also, a timely reminder for all to get their Flu shots and to those age appropriate their Shingles shot too.”


HHS Commissioner Caulton-Harris stated, “I want to applaud our residents who have worked so hard throughout this pandemic.  It is because of our joint efforts working together that we are able to see this significant decrease in positive cases and we can let the mask mandate expire on Monday, November 1, 2021.  The City of Springfield Department of Health and Human Services will continue to monitor and review COVID-19 cases and vaccination rates and we will make any future recommendations and/or mandates necessary for the betterment of everyone based on public health and safety.”


The City of Springfield implemented the citywide mask mandate effective September 13, 2021 due to a significant increase in COVID-19 cases and low vaccination numbers.  Over the past month, both rates have significantly improved allowing for the mask mandate to expire with no extension.  However, the City of Springfield’s Department of Health and Human Services and the Board of Health reserve the right to issue any changes to citywide public health policy in the future should the situation require it.


For more information on the City of Springfield’s COVID-19 statistical information, please visit the City of Springfield’s COVID-19 situational update webpage at:  Health and Human Service COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statistical Information: City of Springfield, MA (