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Mayor Sarno and City ARPA Team Announce Second Round of ARPA RFP Funding Awards

Springfield, MA – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and the city American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) team announced today the second round of ARPA RFP funding awards under the small business and nonprofit categories.  The city’s ARPA advisory committee has reviewed the ARPA RFP applications from six small businesses and five nonprofits and upon their recommendations; Mayor Sarno has approved their ARPA RFP applications.  In total, $650,735 has been awarded; $265,550 to the small businesses and $385,185 to the nonprofits.


Those small businesses and nonprofits receiving funding include:


Business Name Amount Awarded Designation
MNM Investments $50,000 Small Business


Devin Davon Footwear $50,000 Small Business


413 Café $20,000 Small Business


Pena Lopez Auto Repair $75,000 Small-Business

Hispanic & Women-Owned

Chabela’s Beauty Salon $19,550 Small-Business

Hispanic & Women-Owned

Sage Home Builders $50,000 Small-Business


World is our Classroom $100,000 Nonprofit
MORE $25,000 Nonprofit
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame $49,235 Nonprofit
The Zoo in Forest Park and Education Center $115,300 Nonprofit
Junior Achievement $95,650 Nonprofit


This brings the total amount of ARPA RFP funding awarded to $904,735.  Mayor Sarno had previously announced in December 2021 that five small businesses were awarded a total of $254,000 in ARPA RFP funding.


All of the small businesses and nonprofits have been notified that their applications have been approved and have expressed their deep appreciation for being awarded.


Of the six small businesses awarded, three are designated as African-American/Black, two are designated as Hispanic and women-owned, and one as women-owned.


Of note, the previous round of awardees that were announced in December 2021 were all listed as minority owned businesses.  Three were designated as African-American/Black, one as Hispanic and one as Asian.


This trend further emphasizes Mayor Sarno’s commitment to providing city ARPA RFP relief to minority and women owned businesses that have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mayor Sarno states, “I am very pleased to announce this second round ARPA RFP awards in the small business and nonprofit categories.  I want to thank my dedicated ARPA team for their continued efforts throughout this RFP process.  As stated, we wanted to get this lifeline funding out ASAP to those who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  These awards are just the start of many more to come from all of our seven designated categories.  I appreciate these small businesses and nonprofits for their continued belief and investment in the City of Springfield, of which all are minority and/or women owned businesses.”


ARPA Advisory Committee member and City Council President Williams stated, “I want to once again thank the ARPA team for their continued efforts in reviewing and awarding this second round of applications for our local ARPA RFP funding.  I am proud to report that all six of the small businesses awarded in this round, over $265,550, will be going to minority and/or women owned businesses, which will have a tremendously positive impact within our community.  I am also pleased that we have allocated nearly $1 million in our ARPA funding to local small businesses and nonprofits.  The City Council will continue to work with Mayor Sarno and his administration as we continue to move these applications forward and get this much-needed funding out into our community.”


ARPA Advisory Committee member and City Clerk Gladys Oyola said, “I am once again excited with the diverse group of recipients that have been awarded in this second round of ARPA RFP funding.  Investing in these small businesses and nonprofits is an investment in Springfield’s community and economic future.”


“I am looking forward to making additional announcements in the near future as my administration continues to move forward on our local ARPA RFP front,” Mayor Sarno added.  “Stay tuned for more good announcements to come.”


The City of Springfield received $123.8 million in ARPA funding as part of the $350 billion federal American Rescue Plan Act designated for direct aid to state, local and tribal governments.  After meeting with nearly 30 neighborhood councils and other organizations as part of Mayor Sarno’s citywide listening sessions to hear directly from our residents and business community, Mayor Sarno identified seven categories in which RFP’s will be utilized to enhance projects, programs and initiatives across the city for the betterment of our residents and businesses.  They include:  Nonprofit Assistance, New Business Assistance, Small Business Assistance, Senior Citizen Assistance, Neighborhood/Household Assistance, Capital Projects/Public Space Improvements, and Job Creation/Economic Development


For more information on the City of Springfield’s ARPA RFP applications and FAQs, please visit the Department of Recovery and Business Continuity webpage at: