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March 19, 2020
ray Dakin

SPRINGFIELD- COVID-19 is causing Dakin Humane Society to constantly reassess its operations and guidelines to be able to provide support for members of the community – and their beloved pets – as we all face this crisis together. While they have temporarily closed both adoption centers in Springfield and Leverett to visitors, they are still conducting adoptions and pet surrenders by appointment as of March 19, 2020, and they stand ready to help at-risk animals and the people who love them.

Two days ago, they were delighted by a heartwarming adoption that took place.  In February, an 8-month old female cat named Ray was brought to them. She was in rough shape. Ray had an upper respiratory infection, a flea infestation, and severe injuries to both eyes. She did not have any remaining vision and the vet team chose to surgically remove both her eyes to greatly reduce the pain and discomfort Ray was feeling.

Ray’s road to recovery was long and complicated at times, but she was up to the task. Soon after her surgery she returned to the spunky, playful young cat she always was. She happily played with crackly toys and relished being petted along her body. They were thrilled to see her thrive, but it remained to be seen who would be comfortable adopting this special-needs cat.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, a young woman came forward who was interested in Ray, and a perfect match was made. Ray and her smitten adopter can now look forward to a wonderful life together.

In these challenging days, Ray’s strength and her ability to see with her heart serve as an inspiration for many of us at Dakin. We hope everyone in our community remains healthy and safe.

Dakin can be reached at 413.81.4000