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Eastman Chemical shows it believes in the potential of Western Massachusetts

Thursday, April 1, 2021


Dear Fellow Fan of Western Mass and Springfield,

I wanted to share this editorial from today’s edition of The Republican in the event that you might not have seen it. I am fortunate to have many wonderful client relationships, but I am especially proud of our work with Eastman Chemical, especially here at home in Indian Orchard, Springfield, Massachusetts.

This editorial says it best; The quiet company with an economic reach around the planet and a beneficial impact in our community. Indeed. And the company’s website, humbly shares that Eastman’s environmental and workplace practices are among the best in North America.

Uncharacteristically, Eastman has been in the news a lot this past year, with some of the efforts mentioned in the editorial. They’ve quietly done other things that are meaningful for them, from a major contribution to The Foodbank of WesternMass, contributions to East Springfield neighborhood businesses for Covid relief and even donating the three new traffic speed monitors in Springfield. From plant employees expending countless hours helping clean up after Springfield’s devastating tornado, to stocking food pantry shelves to neighborhood trash clean-up efforts, philanthropist George Eastman (Eastman-Kodak) would be proud of the company that still bears his name today.

More than heralding the work of a client, I wanted to share the real message of this exceptional editorial. This plant, of this renowned international company, could be anywhere. But they chose to be here. There is hope and wonderful potential here in Springfield. Indeed.

Thanks for all that you do.

Tony Cignoli

Direct, anytime: 413.896.9675