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Economic Data Portal

Analyze Your Market

The Springfield Regional Chamber drives the economic vitality of the western Massachusetts business community by attracting new investors and business owners, supporting existing organizations, and enhancing the region’s financial climate.

As your source for the latest economic data and statistics, we have launched a set of tools to help you recognize and understand key indicators to help you make informed decisions. Our Economic Development Tools allow you to discover local intel on vital metrics for establishing and running a successful business, including economic trends, customer population, local competition, skilled workforce locations, areas for development opportunities, and more.

Springfield Business Research Center

These tools will help you understand the latest business indicators, demographics, and development projects, so you can make informed decisions for your business. Choose from the following tools to begin gathering the information you need.

Business and Investment Assistant

These tools can help you navigate through useful business and investment information, specific to the Greater Springfield Region. Simply click the selection that interests you to learn more.

Industry Advantages

Why Springfield?
Find out why our community is the best location for your business to grow and prosper using the latest data and interactive visualizations.