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BHN’s Linda Blouin-Roy Receives ABH’s 2022 Salute to Excellence, Carl B. Cutchins Award for Children’s Behavioral Health

Blouin-Roy serves as program director for BHN’s Family Support and Training and Family Partners program


Springfield—Behavioral Health Network, Inc. (BHN) has announced that Linda Blouin-Roy (photo attached), who serves as the program director for BHN’s Family Support and Training/Family Partners Program, is the recipient of the Association for Behavioral Healthcare’s (ABH) Salute to Excellence – Carl B. Cutchins Award for Children’s Behavioral Health. Blouin-Roy accepted her award on October 21 at ABH’s annual Salute to Excellence event in Framingham.

The Carl B. Cutchins Award for Children’s Behavioral Health recognizes an active child advocate who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to supporting and enhancing services for children/adolescents with behavioral health needs at the state or local level.

ABH’s Salute to Excellence is a celebratory event that recognizes individuals and groups, often clinical and direct care staff, who have made outstanding contributions to community-based behavioral healthcare in Massachusetts.

In Blouin-Roy’s nomination for the award, she was credited with having cultivated BHN’s Family Support and Training program over the past 20 years into a robust, well-respected, and invaluable program that has served and benefitted innumerable families in Massachusetts.

Through BHN’s Family Support and Training program, those with lived experience raising a child in the behavioral health system are connected to families receiving Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) services.

Blouin-Roy has worked at both BHN and at the state level to develop professional and ethical standards and trainings for Family Partners program leaders. She is renowned and respected at the local and statewide level for her experience and expertise.

According to Michelle Michaelian, Senior Vice President at BHN, “Linda is a natural at this work. She has been an excellent teacher, role model, and leader who is well respected by her peers, managers, staff, and the families with whom she works. Having raised her own children with special needs, she has been an advocate for countless children and families by supporting, educating, and guiding them. Linda’s persistence proved that having Family Partners involved in treatment was invaluable in helping families move forward.

“Linda has built the Family Support and Training program from the ground up. With that experience she has been able to provide support for developing Family Partner programs across other BHN service areas including the Family Resource Center, Mobile Crisis Intervention, Community Based Acute Treatment, Intensive Home-Based Therapeutic Care, and with the Department of Mental Health In-Home Therapy program. Her efforts have reached far and wide and will continue to reverberate for years to come.”

BHN has been providing behavioral health services to children and families in Western Massachusetts since 1938. The agency provides community-based services that include innovative, integrated whole-health models as well as traditional clinical and outpatient and therapeutic services, day treatment, addiction services, crisis intervention, and residential supports.